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At the Law Office of Leonard A. White, we provide vital information and offer targeted legal services for homeowners, contractors, and government contractors in all phases of construction. Our attorneys possess specialized knowledge of the construction process and have unparalleled experience handling construction disputes and litigation.

Personal. Law Office of Leonard A. White is a unique firm that fosters a hands-on approach to the practice of law and offers expert legal representation by combining the personal service of a small practice with the expertise and cutting-edge results of a large firm. Our attorneys work one-on-one with their clients to provide legal services that are responsive and cost-effective.

Simple. We aim to level the playing field by providing the clients with a clear explanation of the construction contract or by detailing complex areas of law in a way that clients can easily understand. Our attorneys work to educate and counsel clients on the important matters in their case, so that clients know what to pay attention to and are aware of the important provisions in their contracts.

Effective. We encourage clients to be proactive to avoid pitfalls and delays in their construction project. People often make costly mistakes early in the process. A small investment of time and money during the initial planning phase of the project, regardless of size, can help to resolve potential problems and avoid unnecessary delays and significant expenses in the future.

Contact us for a "pre-project" consultation. This may be the most important step in the process of construction that is to follow. It is a special concentration and resource at White & Horton. Unfortunately, a stunningly high number of construction projects begin without the knowledge of the appropriate methods for planning and executing the project, or the correct eay to draft a contract. Contact our office today and let us work with you to ensure the successful completion of your building project.


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Mr. White is a specialist in "all things" construction focusing in three principal areas; commercial construction, residential construction, and government contract procurement and claims... More

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